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Campus Visit: NYU Stern

Take a walk through Washington Square Park, located across from Stern’s Kauffman Management Center. At night, the arch is lit up and literally glows, compelling even the busiest New York to stop a moment and admire the monument. A piano is set up in the middle of the park. A talented musician plays melodies as couples meander hand in hand, escaping the hustle and bustle a couple of blocks away. Yes, the Washington Square Park is a great place to fall in love. But would I fall in love with Stern?

Campus Tour and Information Session

I think one of the most attractive qualities of NYU Stern is its location. The Village is one of my favorite neighborhoods in New York. The restaurants, bars, and eclectic shops make the area surrounding NYU one of the most vibrant in New York. NYU is also just a few subway stops away from Wall Street and within walking distance from SoHo and Flatiron where some of the most exciting startups in New York are located. Indeed one of NYU’s allure is easy access to companies and exposure to all sorts of career prospects after graduation, especially in finance.

But of course this comes at a cost. The students at NYU are spread out all over the city (and some even live in Jersey). This probably makes it harder to build close relationships with your classmates. Unlike some of the other schools I have visited, NYU does not have that “Campus” feeling when walking outside the main Stern buildings.

Unfortunately when I went the school was out of session and I did not get to meet any students or sit in on a class. So I did not get as much out of the visit as I would have liked. But I did go back recently, in different role.

Corporate Presentation

I returned to NYU to represent my company for prospective consultants. This was a very interesting experience since I got to stand in the recruiter’s corner and picked up a couple of tips on what to do, and what not to do at a corporate presentation.

First, I was easily able to distinguish those who had done research and those who had not. Some people tried to wing it, but I could pretty confidently tell when tried, and it did not make a good impression. For example, one girl asked a very specific question during the presentation. Though I do not remember what she asked, I remember her. While others asked generic question (“How do you build client relationships?” or “How often do you travel?”) – I remember these questions but not the people.

Second, a few students followed up with me and asked to talk over the phone. Here is a little tip I did not know about: always suggest a variety of times that you are available. I receive many emails every day and the last thing I want is a back and forth over schedules. Only one person provided me with options from the get-go and I was able to set up a call very easily with him. I liked his approach so much that my standard response to networking emails is now, “Please send me a list of times that work for you.”

But I digress from the main topic of this post and I want to end this post by bring NYU back in focus. A new consultant started on my project and she recently graduated from Stern. Of course, she has nothing but good things to say about Stern. But more importantly, both from what I have seen and from feedback I have heard on her, she is very bright and a very hard worker. She has already made a good reputation for herself in under a month. She is clearly polished and confident. If Stern can produce such high quality and driven consultants, I would be proud to call myself a Sternie.



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